includes: A cinematic robot taboo story, proper mommy to completely mind fucked/mesmerized, breast and ass expansion feature, sex, facial, creampie

I have been so lonely in this big house by myself, my husband took a vacation to the lodge with his work buddies, and my son has been gone every other weekend with his friends. I have taken to shopping to keep myself busy. I see a car in the drive, and it’s my son! “Justin, you’re home!” I miss him so much, I give him a warm hug and a kiss. I tell him how he ought not leave his mommy for so long, even though it is Summer vacation. I love my son, we have a very special relationship, and I never feel complete when he is away from me. I excitedly pull out my brand new dress from the shopping bag, “let’s go out to dinner tonight, just me and you!” My son pulls out a gift from his pocket. “Darling, you didn’t have to bring a present to me, it’s not even my Birthday..”

“It’s an ion plate.” I am confused, “you mean an ion bracelet, right baby? My girlfriend has one and it is meant to increase circulation and boosts the mood. I love it!” He shakes his head no, “it’s a plate that I attach to your stomach, but uh.. yeah, same concept.” The plate looks scary, I turn my head while he attaches it to my stomach, it feels indescribably “odd.” My son then affectionately puts his hands on my face, I smile at my sweet boy, then he moves it to my neck, and down my breasts, and I recoil in shock.

I realize that my baby boy has impulses but he mustn’t act on them, especially with his own mother. I shake it off. “You won’t tell Daddy I’ve been shopping, and I won’t tell him about your mistake.” I quickly compose myself, smile warmly, “let’s just have a good night together, forget it ok? I’m so happy you’re home, I’ve missed you so much. I’ll get dressed.” I turn to leave and he pushes “activate” on the remote control! My eyes flash in red, chrome, and my tear ducts begin to water, tears fall down my cheeks.” He moves my body on my knees and I am in complete control. I look up at him, “ready for your command, Master.”

I am equipped to grow my breasts full and pert, and I do for him. Justin can’t believe it works! I show him my matronly underwear, high waisted, nylon, modest yet still sexy, it’s the familiar underwear that he loves so well, but has never seen them actually on me, only in the wash. He looks at my Victoria Secret bag, and wonders what I bought, maybe something sexy? He orders me to wear the tiniest micro g-string that I bought for when his father comes home. He programs me to “trance mode,” I am now capable of showing him motherly affection, my movements more fluid and dreamy, dirty Mommy talk come out of my mouth, shockingly taboo. I desperately want to please my son, and I follow every whim and desire he orders through the remote. He makes me cum so hard and my pussy visibly pulsates with the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. My son forces me love him as a son and a lover under his trance. I become his property, I am owned by him and I have no desires of my own. He motions me to wait in my bedroom while he gets himself ready for the next play session.

I am sitting in the bedroom with my eyes closed, my back stiff, my limbs are still. He fires me up, and my eyes glow red and chrome. I am activated again and ready to be his cum slut. “Mommy wants your cum,” I coo to him. I need to feed from his cum, its the only nutrients I will need as a robot, and I am uncontrollably hungry for it. I stroke him, suck him. I stroke him and open my mouth wide, he cums inside of my mouth, down my breasts, and I sensually lick it off. He programs me to “clean up, change clothes, and have breakfast waiting for him at 8AM sharp.”

The next morning the place setting is out, but I haven’t eaten since last night. “Son, my master, feed Mommy.” I need his cum. He bends me over the table, takes down my panties, and teases my pussy with the head of his drippy cock. My eyes are still in a trance, they periodically roll back in my head when I feel the pangs of pleasure. He gives me every inch of his massive cock, thrusting back and forth slowly, then deeper and faster. I can feel the pleasure juices slick around his cock. He cums deep inside of me, and I am cum with him. “I’m yours. Mommy belongs to you,” I manage to moan . The cum drips down my thighs, I turn around and kiss his wet cock. “Mommy loves you

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