MissaX – Mommy’s Boys Parts 1, 2 and 3

Part 1 :

Stepmother, Natasha (Nice), is preparing dinner for her stepsons Tyler (Nixon) and Dante (Colle). She is preparing them a special dinner because they are both moving out soon but unfortunately Tyler can’t make because he has to meet up with his fiancee Alison. Natasha has been going to the fertility clinic, she’s trying to have her very own, since her two sweet boys are leaving the nest. When she sees a sperm sample in the fridge she immediately heats up thinking that her husband forgot that the clinic requested a “fresh” and in-person sample this time, not one to take in. She calls him and her husband assures her it’s not his. Tyler bites his lip. He knows that he has to confess that it’s his to his stepmother, and how embarrassing to wonder what she will think of him. Tyler summons his courage to confess, and his brother Dante promptly leaves, he wants no part in this tense discussion. Natasha is confused and concerned, and she urges Tyler to explain why he would donate his sperm. Tyler explains simply, “for the money.” Natasha confides that their dad has a low sperm count and that’s why they are going to the fertility clinic. Tyler reveals that their father is still smoking and that’s why his sperm count is so low. Natasha is upset to learn this because she thought he quit and Tyler reassures her that “everything will be fine.”

Later that night and Natasha visits Tyler in his room and the talk about him giving another sample at the clinic. Tyler gently suggests that maybe he could be his stepmother’s sperm donor but Natasha says it won’t work because they are out of money for the implementation. The solution is, of course, to bypass that and to just have sex. Natasha, again, thinks it might not work because she thinks Tyler may later have regrets, but when he assures her that he wouldn’t, she immediately jumps on him as they kiss. A bit of foreplay and undressing continues as they kiss before Natasha gets on her knees to suck him off. Tyler then eats her out for a bit and then right into doggy as Tyler pumps furiously. Natasha climbs on top for cowgirl next as the mommy talk increases before the finish with Tyler cumming on her chest.

Part 2 :

Taboo tension continues as stepmother, Natasha Nice, tries to be a good wife and mother and she goes to her bedroom. Her mind is full of her sweet stepson, Dante Colle, and she touches herself thinking about him. Her mind is conflicted but she wants to test her restraint as she decides to say a sweet and completely appropriate “goodnight” to Dante. Natasha and Dante discuss his plans with his brother, Tyler. The young men are both moving out soon and he worries about his stepmother, Dante doesn’t like seeing her sad. This leads to a sensual kiss between the two. Natasha then takes control as she pushes Dante down on the bed as she undresses and he sucks on her nipples. From there they go right into a 69 with Natasha on top before Dante has her on her back and licking and fingering her. While still on her back, Dante enters her in missionary as she moans and mommy talks. Dante gets on his back as Natasha saddles up in cowgirl. From there they go into doggie, with Natasha starting out on her knees and then flat on her stomach before going back to missionary and a creampie.


Dante (Colle) is working in the house Tyler (Nixon) mentions he has a new job interview lined up and that he had sex with Stepmother, Natasha (Nice), the night before. Dante is beside himself as he tells Tyler that he and Natasha had sex not long after as well. They start to fight over who she really wanted until she comes in and they confront her about it. Dante confesses his love, as does Tyler before Natasha says that they all crossed the line, The guys want her to decide between the two of them but she wants both of them one more time after she kisses Dante he agrees. The guys start to kiss and undress her as she starts to rub on them as well before sucking them both off. Dante lays back so Natasha can continue to suck him off while Tyler takes her from behind in doggy. Dante then gets his own turn in doggy as Natasha bounces up and down on him while slobbering on Tyler. Both guys, with Dante going first, take turns in missionary before they both cum inside her. Natasha finishes them both off with more oral and jerking until they cum again on her face

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