MissaX - She Hulk III Sex Induced

MissaX – She Hulk III Sex Induced

My boyfriend has seen me transform into the She Hulk several times since we’ve been together, it almost always ends with him feeling fearful of me because I am angry. I can remember his face, fearful but also strangely aroused. I have been practicing inducing myself, and I’ve learned that when I feel turned on I can transform into her!

The sun is starting to set. My boyfriend is laying on the bed, he’s relaxing after a long day at work. I come in, wearing my signature flannel plaid button up, shorts, and sneakers. I am feeling sexy, but nowhere near as sexy as I feel when I become She Hulk. My behavior is sweet, girly, but I want to transform into the fiercely sexy green woman, strong, and takes what she wants. I explain to him how I can transform at will, and how he can help me. I show him how to touch me, first over my clothes, and then under.

I know the transformation is taking place when I feel my breasts grow, he can see the buttons flying off my top. “It’s okay,” I reassure him and I guide his hand underneath my shorts, he begins to finger my pussy. I grind my ass into him and feel the pleasure, the change, I can feel my arms become strong, and my feet feel cramped inside my sneakers.

I lay on my back in ecstasy. He lays next to me and slowly removes his hand from my body. He can see the intense change, my feet grow, ripping out the tops of my sneakers. My breasts continue to grow, breaking my lace bra. My skin turns green where he was fingering me, and the color creeps up my torso, and in the opposite direction, down my legs. I close my eyes with the overwhelming feeling and then open them, my blue eyes turn green.

There is a charge of electricity in the room, it interferes with the table lamp, and the light flickers on and off. The room begins to shake and the light falls off the stand. My boyfriend’s eyes widen in that familiar look of fear and excitement.

lay him down. I begin to guide his cock into my pussy. I moan, it feels so good. I ride him. I bask in the moonlight streaming through the windows and I continue to feel him pump his cock in and out of my pussy. I use my She Hulk instinct to move into whatever position that will make me cum, and I use his cock as if it’s a toy connected to a lifeless body. I ride him reverse cowgirl, and I look at his face, it turns me on to feel so sexual, powerful, and I spread my pussy open so he can see the contrast of my beautiful green skin and pink pussy.

I cum and slide his cock out of me. I rub my pussy against his dick as he cums harder than he has ever came before. I then start to feel the orgasm come down, my head throbs, I lay down and try to catch my breathe.

My skin green skin turns back to it’s original human color. I can feel the She Hulk subsiding although I try to keep her with me. I can breathe normally, see through my original blue eyes, and I see him, drained and amazed. I smile at him, back to my sweet self with a very dangerous secret.

Includes: Self-induced transformation: breast growth, skin change, eye, foot growth, and sex, cumshot, a second transformation green to girl

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