MissaX – Supergirl Mindfucked

SuperGirl has been captured by Doctor Control. She’s helplessly tied in ropes to the table, she struggles and starts to break free when the Dr. towers over her laughing at her predicament. He wants her power, and he’ll drink it from her directly. He begins to buzz her panties, forcing her to buck her hips back and forth, as he humiliates her. She tries not to orgasm but the wetness shows through her panties, he takes them off and drinks her juices, he laps his tongue back and forth against her puffy pussy mounds, and then forces her mind to be under his control.
She now refers to him as “Master,” and will make him cum, willingly giving away her powers with every orgasm. He fucks her from behind, pile driving into her tight, pink pussy. He wants her mind to be awake and her body under control and she furiously grits her teeth and struggles. “You will never have me, you will never take, mmph, my mmmmm power!” She is on her knees sucking him hungrily while she tries in vain to pull away. He cums in her mouth and throws her onto the table, he pumps her pussy until he cums deep, deep inside of her. He pushes his fingers into her swollen pussy to ease his cum out of her. “You’re on my side now.”

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