Natalia Forrest, Ariel Anderssen and Zoe Page – DA Captured By The Mob

Mobsters Zoe and Hywel have captured and enslaved their erstwhile friend and employer, Natalia, faking her death in order to be able to take possession of her house and her fortune. But there is a loose end- Ariel Anderssen, lawyer and current assistant DA. They didn’t want her poking her elegant nose in to the affair or getting suspicious, so the pair decide to strike while the iron is hot- and kidnap Ariel to join her friend as their sex slave!
Of course, this delights their mob connections, many of whom have friends put away by the crusading lawyer! They have strong opinions on what humiliations and punishments Ariel must endure now that she is property of the mob council! Stripped naked, collared and led in on a dog lead, Ariel must face the council and her the fate to which they condemn her!
Then her training begins. She is shocked to find her friend Natalia already seemingly broken and resigned to her new life. Ariel will not give in so easily! But Zoe is implacable and relentless and shows her no mercy- inflicting harsh punishments on the posh lady lawyer’s behind with a brutal riding crop and split bamboo cane! Can Ariel learn the skills of a slavegirl from Natalia before Zoe loses patience and condemns her to an even worse fate?
Hywel’s note: this is the second instalment of a two-part custom video commissioned by a customer who loved our film “The Underground” (available here) and wanted to see more of specific elements of the slave training!

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