Natalia Forrest, Ariel Anderssen and Zoe Page – The Heiress betrayed to the Mob

Pretty heiress Natalia Forrest has no living family. She lives in a splendid mansion with just her maid/friend Zoe Page and her gardener, Hywel. She resolves to do the kind thing – and leave everything she owns to her servant companions. Her lawyer (who practices as the DA) Ariel comes around so Natalia can sign the will. As Zoe brings the two elegant ladies tea, her glance catches the paperwork… interesting! Because what poor Natalia doesn’t know is that Zoe and Hywel are not nice people. Not nice people at all. They have underworld connections- and they hatch a plot! Should they dispose of Natalia? Well, yes, but waste not want not. There’s double the profit if they fake her death and train her as a sex slave- then they can make a second fortune selling her on!
A few days hence, the two put their dastardly plan into action. They surprise Natalia in her bedroom! They force her to strip out of her silky satin nightgown and slinky stockings, bra and panties. They lock her in handcuffs and take her away to start her new life- as a sex slave in what used to be her own home! Forced to serve those who were once her servants! And what’s this… looking through her new possessions, Zoe discovers a cache of bondage porn on Natalia’s computer! Ideal for a sex slave!
Zoe is a very demanding mistress and trains her new possession in all the arts required of a slave. Collared, cuffed, she forces the gorgeous heiress to serve her as her maid. She instructs Natalia in the correct technique for walking- one foot in front of the other. Balance, posture, style, sexiness… how to serve a beverage to her owner or their guests. Natalia must learn how to read a guest’s interest and present herself accordingly. Are they interested in her legs? Her ass? Her breasts? Zoe instructs her the correct technique for each of those interests, and threatens Natalia with the riding crop if she does not come up to scratch….
Hywel’s note: this is the first instalment of a two-part custom video commissioned by a customer who loved our film “The Underground” (available here) and wanted to see more of specific elements of the slave training!

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