Nikki Brooks – Mom Earns Extra Lunch Money

Scene One: Breaking the News

After negotiating a successful merger between her company and a larger one, Nikki finds herself redundant and fired. She comes back home and opens a bottle of wine, wondering what she’s going to do for money.

She begins looking on the internet for easy money. It’s not long before she’s in a chat with a man willing to pay for sexy photos of Nikki. Nervously she goes to her bedroom and snaps some shots. After sending them the man asks for more photos and less clothes. The money is too good to pass up and Nikki strips and snaps, leaving her pride at the door to her bedroom.

Scene Two: Pushing Boundaries

Now the true test of Nikki’s willingness to do what it takes to provide for her and her son. The man is requesting that she take some photos with a dick. With the only man around is her son, she takes a big gulp of whine and approaches you with a proposition.

You sit in bed as your mother tells you it’s going to be all right. She opens her robe and takes out her camera. You’re paralyzed as she takes out your cock and strokes you hard for the camera. She uploads the pictures and goes back to the chatroom. Not satisfied the man on the internet makes her go back and take photos of her son groping her tits and her mouth touching his cock. Nikki has never felt like a worse mother as she takes advantage of her inexperienced son.

Scene Three: Crossing the Line

“I need you to do something very special for mom” Nikki tells you. “Mom is going to sit on it and it’s going to go inside of her” She continues. You look up at her with shock as she tells you its for the money. You look up at her as your beautiful mother bounces up and down on your dick.

Your mom takes out her phone and starts snapping pictures. She pulls your hands to her breasts as she rides you. While she’s on top of you, you feel yourself tighten your vision blurs and you cum inside of your mom’s warm pussy. “I’m sorry mom” You tell her. But it’s ok, she takes a photo of her cum filled pussy to send to her benefactor.

Scene Four: This Time for Fun

Nikki can’t think of anything else except fucking her son. It was so wrong, but if felt so good. She walks into your room to tell you that if you liked it she could do it again for you. “Practice makes perfect” She tells you. She takes off her clothes in front of you and you get hard again for your beautiful mother.

“Why don’t you give mom a kiss right here” She tells you, spreading her legs. She moans as you lick her wet pussy. Horny and ready she pulls out your hard cock and slides you inside of her at the edge of the bed. “We want you ready for the next time we take picutres” She says. You thrust inside of her and cum shooting your load deep in your mother. She turns around smiling and telling you what a good son you are.

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