Nikki Brooks – Playing with Dad’s New Fembot

Now that Dad was gone at work for the day, you couldn’t wait to play with his new fembot. “Powering on,” she said, opening her eyes and lifting her head. “Hello, Master, how may I please you?”

She was beautiful. She had a flawless curvy body, big tits, and long, blonde, wavy hair that fell past her shoulders. She looked forward, a perfect smile on her face, as she awaited your command. “Yes, Master, I’d love to strip for you,” she purred. “Is this what you like, Master?”

The robot took her time dancing and stripping for you. She groped her perky tits, shook her ass, and told you that she would do anything you wanted. Now that she was naked, you were ready to give her more commands. “Yes, Master,” she’d reply to each one obediently.

She masturbated and orgasmed for you, then stroked and sucked your cock. You commanded her to lie back, then for her to turn around so you could fuck her in both missionary and doggystyle. “Both holes are available, Master,” she smiled, your cock thrusting and out of her. “Simply say anal for anal.”

So, you did, and she was happy to let you use her asshole. “Yes, Master, it feels so good in my ass,” she moaned. You finally came inside of her and she proceeded to ask if you were satisfied. “Is there anything else I can do for you?” she asked. “I would love to clean your cock.” She kneeled down and licked the remaining juices from the head of your cock.

The fembot thanked you, then talked about how deep your load was inside of her ass. “Would you like anything el-el-else, Master?” she stuttered. “Yes, Master. C-c-cum loads in my ass.” She was now malfunctioning. Her head twitched to the side and her body become stiff as it uncontrollably bent at the waist.

“Shut down required,” she looked forward with blank eyes. Her stuttering became worse, her head twitched faster, and her eyelids blinked rapidly, making her look like a broken doll. As she continued to glitch, sparks and smoke shot out from her system. “Shutting down,” she finally said, bending at the waist and closing her eyes. A huge puff of smoke shot out from her system.

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