PissPlay – Toilet In The Forest – Bruce And Morgan

This one is very dirty!!! We practice my obedience skills on a public path right next to the beach, Bruce degrading me in various ways for his – and secretly, my – amusement! Spit, piss, cum and even a toilet seat… a girl’s gotta learn, right? People walking by and the million ants on the forest floor made it all the more intense! – M xx

Starts out by flashing near a beach. Bruce orders her to get on her knees and suck him while spitting on her. They walk a bit further towards the beach. They find another spot and they pull out a toilet and he makes her shout “I’m a toilet!”. She drinks more piss and gets some extra spit to wash it down with. He face fucks her as hard as she can take it. Slight gagging ensues. He makes her shout “I’m a fucking piss whore” before receiving more piss. More BJ and face fucking until they move to the next spot. Has her lift her dress so he an finger her and have her lick the juices off. More pissing and then a scare from people walking by. Back to more pissing and face fucking making her go as deep as she can. She sucks his balls, eats his ass and then receives a big load. She plays with the cum in her mouth before swallowing then scoops the rest in her mouth swallowing that as well.

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