Primal Fetish – Alison Tyler – Sons Addiction (Scene 2)

Alison Tyler is in her garage looking at all of her ex-husbands old workout equipment. When her son comes in and tells her that some of his friends are coming over, she forbids it, saying that there will be no space because charity workers will come to pick up all of his fathers old workout equipment today. He was under the impression that it would be his workout equipment now and is not very happy about her decision to give it all away. When Alison tries to leave to call the charity workers and ask when they will arrive, her son challenges her authority. She throws him to the ground and the two start to wrestle. When she notices that his dick is hard for her, she tries to get off but he starts holding her and touching her. Alison tries to resist but is overwhelmed as she fails to losen his grip and eventually gives in.

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