Primal Fetish – Becky Bandini – Taken By Her Jealous Step-Son


Becky’s jealous step-son, Jay, catches her laying by the pool taking sexy selfies and he is not happy about it. When she comes inside he confronts her about it. He doesn’t understand why she needs to take pictures of herself looking like a whore. Becky gets very offended and tells him that she is a grown woman and she can do whatever she wants. Jay disagrees and shows her that only he is in charge of her body.


Becky is on the phone with her girlfriend excitedly talking about the barbecue later that day when Jay comes in and takes the phone from her. She can’t believe how rude he is but he doesn’t care. He wants to know where the hell she thinks she’s going in those daisy dukes and skimpy tank top. She tells him, but he’s not having it. Instead, he yanks her clothes off, fucks her and fills her mouth with cum.

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