Primal Fetish – Supergirl Falls To General Zod – Overwhelmed by Lust

Scene 1: Ready for Action

Kara Danvers (Supergirl) is wearing her business attire and is arrives home after a long day at work.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: I need to take a vacation from work and crime fighting.

Then, Supergirl gets an alert from the DEO. Supergirl answers her phone.

SUPERGIRL ASKS: Hey this is Supergirl. What is happening?

DEO Agent says: Supergirl! General Zod has escape the Phantom Zone. We need your assistance!

SUPERGIRL SAYS: I’m on my way.

Supergirl puts on her costume. (I want Supergirl to put on her second costume from Black Adams Vengeance – The Fall of Supergirl & Green Lantern XXX)

Scene 2: Confronting General Zod

Supergirl urgently enters the DEO. She encounters General Zod as he attempts to leave the faculty.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: General Zod! I don’t know how you escaped the Phantom Zone, but I’m sending you back to your prison.

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: I have different plans Kara Zor-El, step-daughter of house El

SUPERGIRL ASKS: What is your scheme this time?

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: My goal is to rule this world. We are the mightiest beings on this planet. We should live as gods to these weak humans. Join me Supergirl, we shall make this world a new Krypton together.

SUPERGIRL (with her hands on her hips) says: You’re delusional. I am a superheroine, a defender of Earth. I am a superheroine for justice and not for selfish ambitions.

General Zod throws a punch at Supergirl, but she dodges it.

Supergirl counters with a powerful uppercut!

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: Supergirl, you’re more powerful than I expected. You’ve bathed in the Earth’s sun. You must be the strongest being on the planet for now.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: Surrender Zod. You can’t win this fight.

General Zod punches Supergirl’s crotch for a low blow. Then, Supergirl holds her pussy in pain.

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: You lack training, discipline! I am a superior warrior

General Zod punches Supergirl in her chest as her hands are holding her pussy.

Then, General Zod swipes Supergirl’s hands away from her crotch and he knees her in her pussy for another low blow!

A weaken Supergirl leans over a table.

General Zod grabs Supergirl by the pussy! He begins to rub her pussy through her costume.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: What are you doing? You can’t touch me there!

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: I’m showing you the error of your ways

SUPERGIRL SAYS: You’re an egotistical tyrant. You can’t break me like this.

General Zod continues to rub Supergirl pussy and Supergirl moans in pleasure.

General Zod also rubs and smacks Supergirl’s ass.

Supergirl moans after General Zod smacks her ass.

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: I think someone is getting wet for me.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: You’ll rot in the phantom zone Zod!

Tit Fondling and Pussy Rubbing:

General Zod flips Supergirl on her back on the table.

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: Supergirl, you have such a beautiful body. I can have so much fun with you.

General Zod begins to fondle Supergirl’s tits and rub her pussy as Supergirl continues to moan.

GENERAL ZOD ASKS: Have you ever felt a man’s touch? Are you a virgin, Supergirl?


GENERAL ZOD SAYS: So you are, well you won’t be one for long.

General Zod begins to lick Supergirl’s pussy.

Supergirl moans in pleasure.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: I shouldn’t enjoy this, but I must resist.

Supergirl cums in three minutes.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: I’m cumming!

After her first orgasm, SUPERGIRL SAYS: That felt so good, I shouldn’t enjoy this pleasure, but I can’t resist any longer.

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: Give in Supergirl and join my side.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: I’ll never join you, Zod.

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: You won’t resist me forever.

Supergirl cums again in two minutes.

SUPERGIRL SAYS in pleasure: I’m cumming!

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: I think it is time for you to return the favor.

Supergirl gives a blowjob with lust and passion.

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: I needed this after ten long years in the Phantom Zone.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: The more I suck his cock, the more I crave it.

General Zod cums in Supergirl’s mouth and she continues to suck him with lust to swallow every drop.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: I swallowed your cum, I sucked your dick, I can’t believe I did that.”

GENERAL ZOD ASKS: Are you now ready to join me, Supergirl?

Sirens begin to ring again.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: The DEO must have sent reinforcements.

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: Unfortunately, I must bid farewell for now Supergirl. I can’t risk being sent back to the Phantom Zone.

General Zod leaves.

Supergirl gets back on her feet. Then, she licks any leftover cum on her face and hands.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: I’m going to make him pay for what he just did to me.

Scene 3: Second Battle Against Zod

Supergirl enters Zod’s lair.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: I’ll put a stop to Zod, teach him to put his hands on me.

SUPERGIRL ASKS: Zod! Come out!

General Zod reveals himself.

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: Are you ready to finish what we started?

SUPERGIRL SAYS: You’ll pay for disgracing me!

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: I just unlocked your primal urges. Just submit to me!

SUPERGIRL SAYS: You won’t escape this time General Zod.

Supergirl throws the first punch and knocks General Zod back.

General Zod connects a punch and then Supergirl connects another punch!

Supergirl attempts attempts to kick General Zod but he grabs her leg. Then, he punches her stomach and then her face!

General Zod swings a punch at Supergirl but she dodges it. Then, Supergirl counters with a punch.

General Zod and Supergirl are taking deep breaths.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: He’s stronger than he was during our last fight.

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: I’ve gained new power from Earth’s yellow sun!

SUPERGIRL SAYS: I was holding back. It’s time to get serious.

General Zod throws a punch but Supergirl blocks it. Then, Supergirl hits a fury of punches at General Zod.

General Zod: This can’t be happening!

Supergirl grabs General Zod and pins him to the wall.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: Surrender Zod. Justice will always prevail.

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: Earth will fall to me, just as the step-daughter of house El falls to me!

General Zod grabs Supergirl by her pussy! Supergirl is shocked and aroused.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: How dare you!?

Supergirl swipes General Zod’s hand away. However, General Zod knees her crotch for a low blow!

Supergirl: You’re fighting dirty.

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: There’s no such thing as dirty fighting.

General Zod punches Supergirl below the belt for another low blow.

Supergirl tries to muster the strength for a punch, but General Zod grabs her fist. Then, he pulls her into a bear hug.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: You’re crushing me! I can’t breath!

GENERAL ZOD SAYS: How about some mouth to mouth.

General Zod kisses Supergirl. The kiss begins to seduce her and Supergirl kisses him back.

General Zod begins to fondle Supergirl’s butt as they kiss.

Supergirl breaks the kiss and pushes General Zod away from her.

SUPERGIRL SAYS: I won’t succumb to you, you won’t seduce me again.

Supergirl delivers two punches to General Zod. She attempts a third punch, but he dodges it.

General Zod grabs Supergirl from behind. One hand grabs her breast and another one grabs her pussy. General Zod begins to seduce Supergirl

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