Primal Taboo – Raven Hart – No Words Necessary

Part One

My Mom and I stop and stay at a hotel on the way to dropping me off at my Dad’s house. The only problem is the hotel gave us a room with one bed in it. I offer to sleep on the couch that’s in the room, but she says it’s OK and climbs into bed with me. After she falls asleep, I can’t stop looking at her body. I finally can’t hold back, I have to touch her. To my surprise, when I do, she starts to lean into what I’m doing, pressing the back of her body against mine. What me and my Mom did next is so wrong.. but it really didn’t feel wrong.

Part Two

I wake up to this incredible feeling, almost like my dick is being sucked.. When I open my eyes, I realize everything my Mom and I had done together the night before- oh, and, she’s sucking my dick also! She had to have me again and I need her. So badly, that she woke up and immediately started touching me again.

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  • Bete Ki Rakhail 5 years ago

    I really really feeling awesome and already i’m wet