PrimalFetish – Blackmailing the Bitch – Brooklyn Chase – PART ONE AND TWO

Brooklyn is a doctor. She is also a queen bitch. (most of the staff secretely calls her Doctore Bitch) She is so arrogant about having her “DR” that she treats everyone around her like dirt. Especially the new orderly Bronson That changes when Nathan comes by and shows her some interesting things he found in some of the patients files, or rather removed from the patient files. Brooklynn didn’t know that Nathan was making his own copies and lets just say Brooklyn is about to go from “Doctor Bitch” to “The Orderlys Bitch” Nathan starts things off slowly, getting her to agree to do some of his nastier tasks that orderlys do. A little more pushing and Brooklyn has to give in to being felt up, then, just to prove a point (and blow a lode down her throat) Nathan makes her realize the only thing keeping him from telling it all is for her o get down on her knees and put her bitchy mouth to work. Brooklynn is SO ANGRY, but she can’t do anything about it.

Bronson comes back later that evening. Brooklyn is tired, angry and humiliated from doing his work all day. But she is going to be even more angry and humiliated. Nathan tells her she doesn’t have to do his work all week like he told her earlier. Brooklynn is suspiscious and she is right. Nathan will give her all the files, if she just lets him do whatever her wants before he calls it a night

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