Primalfetish – Robotification of the Crimson Bat – Part 2

Crimson Bat is so worn out that she loses consciousness.Now she is stripped and exposed, totally helpless as She-Borg thrusts the nanobot injector deep inside her vulnerable pussy. She-Borg pounds away with robotic apathy making Crimson Bat cum despite herself. The power and rhythm of She-Borgs thrusts are irresistible and even unrestrained she hasn’t the will or strength to escape. As she has one final orgasms she feels the nanobots shoot into her pussy and she goes out.Wenona/Crimson Bat no longer exist, now in their place is Cy-Borgia, as strong and invulnerable as She-Borg but with the power to absorb the strength out of opponents and strip their powers.

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