Primal’s Custom Videos – Tyler Faith – Now You’re Mommy’s Boyfriend

– Matt’s mom is cleaning before Happy Hour with a friend, she discovers son’s porn. Friend arrives. They leave. (5min, simple intro similar to before just with female model to play Nikki)

– Mom returns home from Bar. Matt’s watching porn on the TV when his Mom walks in. Mad, then seduces him. Gives him Blowjob. (10-15 min)

– Matt comes home from work the next day. Walks over to mom to try to seduce her, she pushes him away, angrily. (1-2 min)

– Matt’s mom comes into Matt’s room at night and apologizes. Seduces him. Sucks his dick and has sex with son. (10-15 min)

Script —

Matt’s mom took her friend’s advice to become a cam girl/amateur pornstar like her to make some extra money. Over the years, she started her own website and specialized in fetish porn, especially in taboo. One day, Matt’s mom is cleaning around the house before her friend comes over when she finds things that began to change everything forever.

Scene Opens —

*Matt’s mom walks into her son’s room to grab his dirty clothes, and sees his room is a mess. She decides to straighten up for him before her friend Nikki comes over. She goes to make his bed, when she finds her panties underneath a pillow*

Mom *finds underwear in son’s bed* – “What the…are these mine..? Why does Matt have these in here?” *she notices cum stains in them* “Ew no way…” *she drops them in the laundry basket, thinking they must some girl’s he was with*

*she begins to walk away when she notices his laptop sitting open next to the bed (or on the bed whatever works). She lays down on the bed, begins snooping around out of curiosity, when she finds his porn stash*

Mom *shocked* – “Oh my god..Matt..” *she sees a bunch of milf taboo porn, when she hears the door bell ring*

*She goes and opens the door and it’s her friend Nikki, she lets her in and immediately tells her what’s happened*

Nikki *walks in* – “Hey girl! What’s up?! Ready for some happy hour!?”

Mom – “I’m great!!! And yes!! Of course.” *she looks down nervously* “But…I gotta show you something. Follow me.” *she walks to the living room*

*They walk into the living room and sit down on the couch, where Matt’s mom has the laptop ready to show Nikki what she’s found*

Nikki – “Oh my god, what’s the big deal?”

Mom *confused* – “Look…it’s Matt. I found all of his porn. It’s all like Mom Son taboo stuff, and I recognize his login he’s definitely been on our cams before!”

Nikki – “Oh my god…that’s crazy…”

Mom – “I know! I don’t know what to do, like do I confront him or-“

Nikki *interrupting* – “It’s actually kind of hot too honestly.”

Mom *surprised* – “What!? What do you mean?”

Nikki *smiling* – “C’mon…you do all those role plays and fetishes. You can’t say you haven’t thought about it.” *laughs*

Mom – “But that’s entirely different..”

Nikki – “Who do you think I use for those custom videos I make?”

Mom *shocked* – “What!? You mean that’s Johnny!?”

Nikki – “Well yeah! I think it’s so hot that a young guy thinks I’m so sexy…and it’s just even hotter that it’s so taboo too. Think about it…a young man who finds his mom to be a hot sexy cougar?”

Mom – “…I mean…I have caught him looking at me before. But I never really thought anything of it…I don’t know that’s my own son..” *she pauses* “It does sound kind of hot though…but I don’t know…I have been really lonely lately too..”

Nikki – “Well lets go get some drinks with the girls and let you get some air! I’m sure that’ll help you out some.”

Mom – “Yeah that’s a good idea actually.”

*they get up and walk out to go to the bar*

Scene Fades

Scene Opens

*Matt’s mom walks in from the bar, earlier than Matt expected as she catches him on the couch watching porn on the TV*

Mom *walks in* – “What the fuck! Matt what are you doing!”

Matt *surprised* – “Oh sh t!…Mom…uh…”

Mom *angrily* – “What if I had someone come in with me! What were you thinking!?” *she notices it’s milf taboo porn looking at it*

Matt – “Mom I’m sorry… let me turn it off.” *reaches for remote when his mom snatches it*

Mom *smiles* – “No let’s watch it since you want too so bad.” *she sits her things down, and sits next to her son*

Mom – “So you like the milf stuff?” *looking at Matt, kind of squeezing her tits together*

Matt *struggling to not stare at his mom’s tits* – “uhm…yeah I guess…”

Mom – “You know I saw all your porn…I know you’ve looked at my stuff and everything.”

Matt *shocked* – “What!? Mom…no…I just found-“

Mom *smiles* – “Shhh…stop. I’m not mad.”

Matt – “You’re..not..?”

Mom *starts rubbing her son’s thigh* – “Nope…I actually think it’s kind of hot. Do you think your mom’s hot?”

Matt *nervous* – “ what..? I mean yeah of course I do. You’re beautiful.”

Mom *notices her son staring at her tits in her bikini, smiles* – “Mmm…all you have to do is ask you know.”

Matt – “…What?”

Mom – “Do you wanna see them?” *squeezing her tits together*

*Matt’s mom takes her top off and stands up. She starts giving her son a lap dance and talking dirty to him*

Matt *moans* – “Mom..what are you doing?”

Mom – “What’s wrong baby? Don’t you think your mommy is sexy?”

Matt – “Yes..”

Mom *she gets down, rubbing her son’s cock through his pants* – “Do you want mommy to take care of this baby?”

Matt – “mmm yes mommy…”

*Matt’s mom pulls his cock out, and starts rubbing it*

Mom *spits on his dick and starts sucking her son’s cock* – “Mmm you taste so good baby. Do you like it when mommy sucks your cock?”

Matt *moans* – “Ugh yes mom…”

Mom *starts tittyfucking her son* – “Mmm I never thought you’d want to do this…” *she keeps fucking her son’s cock with her tits then stops, licking his cock up and down and rubbing it slow talking dirty to him* “Mmmmm.. I want you to cum for me Matt…”

*She starts sucking his cock again*

Mom – “Do you wanna cum for mommy?” *she keeps sucking her son’s cock, giving him the blowjob of his life* “Cum on mommy baby…”

Matt – “I’m about to cum mommy…”

*Matt cums in his mom’s mouth a little, before pulling out and spraying on her face*

Mom – “Mmm yes baby…that’s so good…” *she wipes some off tasting it* “Now let me go clean up this mess you made for mommy.”

*Matt’s mom walks out*

Scene Fades —

Scene Open —

*Matt’s mom is standing at the counter on the phone, when Matt walks in, he walks over trying to seduce her.*

Mom *on phone* – “Yeah of course, I could definitely do that!”

Matt *walks next to his mom, and tries to play with her tits*

Mom *slaps his hand* – “Yeah for sure why don’t you just shoot me an email with everything and I can respond to you as soon as I’m done. *words stop with her lips to Matt* awesome! Let me know.”

Matt *rubs behind his mom, pressing his dick against her butt*

Mom *moves pushing Matt away* – “Hey give me a second really quick..” *puts phone down and looks at Matt* “Can you stop? I’m trying to figure out stuff for work. You need to chill out seriously.” *picks up phone* “Hey! Sorry, my son keeps being a pain the ass…”

Matt *begins to walk out*

Scene Fades —

Scene Opens —

*later that night Matt is laying in bed, when he gets woken up by his mom sitting on the edge of his bed in her nightgown.*

Mom – “Hey..are you up?”

Matt – “Well I am now…”

Mom – “Can I turn on the light?”

Matt – “Yes.

Mom *turns on light and sits back down next to her son* – “I’m sorry about earlier, I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that… I was just stressed and everything that’s happened..”

Matt – “Mom no it’s fine..I love you.”

Mom *smiles* – I love you too babe, thank you… I have a surprise for you.” *she stands up

Matt – “..what?”

Mom *strips out of her nightgown exposing her lingerie* – “I put this on just to make it up to you for earlier.” *smiling, she climbs on top of the bed crawling up to her son*

Mom *starts rubbing his cock outside his underwear* – “Wanna have some more fun with mommy? I could show you some more things.”

Matt – “Yes of course mom..”

Mom *pulls her son’s cock out and starts giving him a blowjob* – “Mmm…do you wanna have some more fun baby?

*Matt nods yes*

Mom *starts stripping out of the lingerie* – “Do you wanna fuck your mommy Matt?” *she sucks on his cock some*

Matt *moans* – “Mmm Yes mommy…”

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