Primal’s Dark Reflections – Turning into the Hot Girl – Rion gets in the Girl’s Locker Room

Rion would do anything to be close to Kenzie. He’s already taking graduate level chemistry so he’s been tutoring Kenzie in Chem101 but she just doesn’t think of him as “a guy” Rion realizes since she won’t see him as a guy, what if he was a hot chick? Work out with her, go in the locker room…maybe what they say about girl-jocks is true, maybe they are all a little bit lesbian?

Everything goes perfectly, until being so close to naked Kenzie messes with his formulae. kenzie is in to girls!They are making out and then He starts changing back! At least part of him. He’s always been careful not to get a boner in school because his cock is HUGE and now it’s coming out of his hot naked girl body in front of Kenzie. He tries to make an escape but Kenzie stops him, she sees the monster bulge and…she is into it!!!! She goes after his huge cock hungrily, seeming even more turned on then ever. Kenzie is a freak and wants the best of both worlds. This is her total fantasy and she can’t stop being all over Rion

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