Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – Black Widow – Torturous Interrogation

The Black Widow wakes up to a duo of spanks in the face, and a dangerous villain in her face. As he tells her he knows who she is, and reminds her no one knows where she is, he embarks to tell her he’s going to have joy cracking her. Taking out a hunting knife, and cutting open her top, he lets her know who he truly is- The Cutter.
The Cutter has nearly reached The Ebony Widow’s violating point, but he has one more action of debauchery for her. As he tucks his chisel into her jaws while she’s roped down ruthlessly, he finishes off in her facehole, and then bangs her from behind. As a final action of harassment and supremacy, The Cutter gives The Ebony Widow a facial cumshot and knocks her out one more time.

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