Primal’s Darkside Superheroine Flash Defeated – Milked and Left Powerless by Cheetah

A long chase comes to a head when Flash corners Cheetah in a medical facility. A helpless super villainess with nowhere left to run, Cheetah is at his mercy. Or so she claims…

Flash wakes up with his hands hanging from the ceiling. Cheetah may be quick, but she’s learned that she can become even faster, able to escape any hero’s grasp. But the power she seeks is only attainable from one source. Other villainesses have told her she could easily steal the Flash’s seed by castration, but lucky for him, she has a few ideas that she thinks will be a lot more fun. She slowly teases the helpless hero with her hands, milking his power into a beaker for later use.

Again Flash awakens with his wrists hanging from the ceiling. He vows not to let her milk his super speed away again, but that was never on the day’s agenda. The feline femdom uses her soft lips and skillful tongue to drain him this time, holding back until he begs her to cum. After he fills her mouth and she spits it into her beaker, Cheetah tells Flash, “You keep it up like this and I won’t have to take it from the source.”

This time the Flash comes to tied to a bed. Cheetah slinks up with a mischievous grin. Her pet can’t help but be hard at the sight of her stunning figure, and she pounces on his cock. But she stops sucking when she realizes that he’s been rather unappreciative of the fact that she’s let him keep his balls. Before Flash even knows what’s going on, his catty captor is sitting on his face, curious to see if it’s more than just his legs with super speed. After cumming on his face, it’s down to business. She rides the broken superhero until every last drop of his power fills her pussy.

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