Primal’s Darkside Superheroine – The End of American Avenger

American Avenger has tracked Thief (now known as Siphon) to his lair. He gloats and shows her previous costumes as trophies and mocks her for her skimpy excuse for a uniform, American Avenger tells him she is not even going to take him into the police.
The fight is intense and very back and forth, Siphon seems to be stronger than AA now, and he is viscous and attacks savagely but AA is a true superheroine and and just won’t let herself be beaten. Several times she almost turns the tables but Siphon has taken too much of her strength in the two prevision encounters and finally beats her down.
Now Siphon is going to take all that she has left, and this time he is going to weaken and shame her with a hard fucking. She defies him, that he will have make her cum that way. he fucks her hard and long, she screams and moans and then regains her defiance, the pain and pleasure is intense and she fights it but his powerful thrusts make her climax again and again. Siphon completes her shame covering her face with a huge load.

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