Primals Footjobs – Sasha Foxxx Dominates the entire Office

Jasmine was hard at work and now her computer won’t even turn on. Her boss, Sasha, comes in smirking and lets her know she had the guys in IT take all of her files and lock her computer. She knows that Jasmine was trying to get a promotion that would have put her ABOVE Sasha, and that just isn’t going to happen.

Unless Jasmine worships every inch of Sasha’s beautiful, sweaty feet Sasha will have all of Jasmine’s work deleted. Not only won’t Sasha let Jasmine try to get promoted, but if the work is deleted she is sure to get fired, too.

Sasha savors her power over Jasmine, continuing to instruct her as she enjoys having her feet worshiped. When Sasha’s boss walks in and demands to know what is going on, and she dominates him as well. She tells him that she is the one in charge and then forces Jasmine to suck his dick while worshiping her feet at the same time. Sasha strokes with her feet while Jasmine works hard to suck the boss’s dick while worshiping Sasha’s feet. When the boss cums all over Sasha’s gorgeous feet she makes Jasmine lick them totally clean and swallow all of his cum.

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