Primal’s Savage Tales – The Tables Turn on Vanessa Cage

Vanessa Cage has broken into a private office and is digging through computer files when a security guard approaches her with too many questions for his own good. She tells him that she is a “stripper graham” sent for the person the office belongs to, but, since he’s not here, she might as well dance for the security guard. She pushes him down on the couch, seducing him with a lap dance. She entices him to kiss her on the desk, then whacks him over the head with a stapler while he’s distracted.Certain that the guard is out, Vanessa rebuttons her blouse and prepares to return to her hacking. But a tap on her shoulder followed by a punch to her face puts a halt to her dastardly plan. The guard is now insatiable, groping her body and ripping her pantyhose to shreds. After he’s had his fun, he tapes her up and leaves her on the couch. She is simply too weak from her struggle with the guard to fight her bindings.***The scenarios depicted within this video and its previews consist of role play games in which all participating parties have fully consented to all demonstrated activities. Every measure was taken to ensure the actors’ safety and well being throughout the production of this content, and participants maintained clear communication with the crew at all times to ensure a safe performance. These stories are intended to depict purely fictitious, fantasy situations

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