Primal’s Taboo Sex – Brooklyn Chase – Surrenders to her Jealous Son

Part One

Brooklyn comes home from a night out to find her oldest son Nathan waiting up for her. He starts to aggressively question her about where she was, who she was with, how she’s dressed and it gets worse from there. She tries to assert that he has no right to question her! After all she’s his Mother! Nathan won’t relent and his hands are all over her. Brooklyn starts getting scared, but, the way he is dominating her, she is ashamed of it, but she is turned on.

Part Two

Brooklyn takes the chance when Nathan is supposed to working a late night to go on a date. Things can’t keep going on like they have, it’s wrong. She needs to find a man her age and look at something long term. She comes out of the bathroom to see her son waiting for her. Brooklyn knows she is in trouble. The dress she is wearing gives everything away. She knows she should put a stop to it. Tell him NO! But she just can’t. Nathan takes her again and Brooklyn surrenders to her son’s jealousy and lust for her

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