Part One :

My sister comes to visit me at college and instead of staying at a hotel, she says why would she do that when she could sleep with me? We did it when we were younger anyway. My only problem is, I love my sister. I mean, really love her. We’ve always had a really close connection like I’ve never had with anyone else. When she falls asleep, I can’t stop starring at her body, and I sneak my hand over hers. I couldn’t help myself, because I just wanted to touch more of her. To my surprise, she opened her eyes and looked into mine, and what happened next I never though would actually happen..

In the first scene, the brother starts to fondle Cassidy while she is sleeping. She wakes up and give him a handjob that culminate in a nice blowjob. She has enough of it and she rides him on top till they change position an go missonary with her legs up. He finishes the whole deal with a nice creampie in her pussy.

Part Two:

I came home a day early from school, even though I was supposed to come home tomorrow. I really just wanted to see my sister again. I cannot get the night we spent together out of my head! My grades even started slipping a little bit. This is more than just some crush, and she’s more than just some girl. When I come in the room, she doesn’t really seem thrilled to see me. I try to talk about our night together and she says shhhh and not to talk about it. I tried not to seem noticeably crushed, but I really was, until she put her hand on my thigh. And then started to go up a little higher. I guess I;m not the only one that can’t control my urges in this family.

In the second scene, Cassidy and her “brother” are talking in the living room while sitting on a sofa. They start to masturbate each other while kissing. They undress and the brother give her oral. Then they fuck each other right on the family sofa, first on missonary, then she rides him till he starts to cum, so she gets right on her knees and swallow most of it.

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