Primals Transformations – Gina valentina – Vampire Bloodlines – Thicker than Water

two scens first lezdom action pussy licking
second fucking and sucking with bold fela

Later that night, still sore from her punishment Gina is about to finish her shift cock-tailing at a local strip club. She just turned 18 and figured why wait till graduation to start making real money. A beautiful masked woman surprises her and Gina gets a really strange vibe from her, but when the woman flashes a lot of cash and wants a lap dance Gina can’t say no

During the dance the woman cliams she is Gina’s aunt Kenna, which Gina knows can’t be true, her Aunt Kenna is more than 10 years older than her mom, she would be in her 50’s. Gina is about to get away from the crazy bitch but is locked by her gaze. Kenna fondles her to orgasm and then pushes her down

Gina is mesmerized and full of desire, and Kenna pleasures her while revealing her sharp fangs, and dark plans. Vampire Kenna then commands Gina to pleasure her to orgasm

Now Kenna is very hungry, and nothing tastes sweeter than family. She feeds from Gina as she struggles and kicks in a awful combination of ecstasy and agony

Gina returns to see her teacher, this time when he tries to get firm with her she over powers him, and then uses her new abilities to make him do everything she wants as she feeds on him

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