Princess Lyne - Humiliating My slave girl

My slave girl came over today and I decided to have some fun with Her. First I force her to get down on all fours.. bark like a d0g… sit pretty… pant… then crawl around all over My hardwood floor while I laugh at her as I lounge on My nice expensive leather sofa. Who would’ve known this silly little girl could even make great h0rse and c0w noises to go along with those barks?! Geeezus, she’s actually somewhat entertaining! I might even consider canceling My HBO subscription and use her as My sole form of entertainment. On second thought… no thanks. But for now she is pretty entertaining. After I’m done having her mimic multiple barnyard noises, I decide to make her get up and do dance for Me while she (again) barks like a d0g. And just when she thinks I’m done with her… I force her to get down and LICK My unwashed ORIGINAL (circa 1980’s) hardwood floors… and then I send her outside for the rest of the day

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