Princess Lyne - Perfect Ass Tease & Punishment

Oh wow, looks like I’ve found your weakness. You just love My hot ass in tiny little cutoff jean shorts, don’t you? Aaah yes, I can tell just by how hard your dick got as soon as you saw the preview pic. See, I’m going to drive it into your brain how much you’re OWNED by My ass in this clip. you can’t deny this perfect bubbly juicy ass… so why even try? Kneel and worship as I tease you with My ass. I make sure you’re WELL aware that you will NEVER be the one unzipping My jeans and getting into My pants. NEVER! See, it’s basically punishment, this clip, yet you still crave it more and more. Hahaha.. you’re relentless for My ass!

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  • Nice upload! Can we see more of her in the future?

    • Fetishman 4 years ago

      yes definitely we’ll upload more from incredible princess lyne