In all My other h 1 p n 0 s i s videos I slowly guide you into subspace, leaving room for complete relaxation and mind conditioning. In this session however, I will draw you in so fast you won’t even know when it happens and how. Why? Because this session contains knowledge already deep within you, all I have to do is get it our of the depths of your mind, back to the surface. All I have to do it use My strength against your weakness, and I’m familiar with both.. What I’m about to say simply makes sense. You will feel that it is true. My sensual voice paired with My deep blue eyes and feminine charm will mind fuck you deeply, leaving you heavily addicted to My pleasure..

Queen Amber Mae hypnotizes you to become her financial slave. She uses finger snaps to make you fall into a deep trance where she implants triggers. She uses her large tits, feminine charm and soft voice to mind fuck to deep and cause you to become addicted to the pleasure she makes you feel. She is wearing a black and green bra in this clip.

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