Queensnake - Nazryana, Tanita, Diamond, Jeby - Squirt Bath

This session was Jeby’s idea.
She was so persistent asking for it for a long time that finally I decided to let her have it.
She is not bisexual and had never been with a girl before but loves humiliation, so the idea of four girls abusing her seemed to worth the effort.
I must admit that the part where we shaved Nazryana’s pussy hair onto her face making a fake Yeti out of her was too disgusting even for me.

Includes squirt, pussy-kicking, kicking, trampling, dirty, humiliation, pee, hairy, shaving, foot-fisting, foot-sucking, deepthroat, gagging

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  • Queensnake performs a vaginal casting on Tracy with dental alginate then makes her expel the solidified alginate by whipping her pussy. Tracy and Holly get a kick out of well kicking Jade s pussy. To make sure it doesn t get boring, they put clamps on her labias. Then more kicking follows.