Robomeats – Allie James – Housewife Gets Timestopped

Allie James and Bradley Remington – Allie is on the phone with her husband who is at work, she tries to spice the conversation up by rubbing her pussy, right at the peak of her rubbing he reminds her of the laundry that needs to be done, angrily she tells him that the washing machine is broken and he says he will call a repairman to fix it. Later, the repairman shows pu and she shows him to the broken washer and tells him she will be right next door in the kitchen if he needs anything. The repairman tries to focus on his work but is distracted by the clanking of dishes made by the sexy housewife, he creeps to the kitchen and watches her. He is glad that he brought his timestop watch as he raises it to stop time. Allie freezes while putting silverware away, Brad comes up and starts to play with her body, lifting her arms, taking her glasses off and feeling her sexy body beneath his hands. He starts to strip her and play with her, rubbing her pussy and changing her face. He lifts her up and puts her on the table and pulls out his dick to fuck his new timestopped housewife toy. He fucks her hard and deep in a number of positions on the table, loving the feel of her tight timestopped pussy, he then pulls out and shoves his dick in her frozen mouth and fucks it until he pulls out and cums all over her face.

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