Robomeats – Can’t Move Nun

Starring Odette Delacroix and Miles

Directed by Alex Dorian

Step-Sister Odette has just moved to a new convent and she is interviewing with Step-Father Miles who is a little overbearing.

He keeps asking her about her “oral” skills and her gift of “tongues” and proposes that the best way she could serve god is to be on her knees behind the podium servicing Step-Father Miles cock. Step-Sister Odette is not up for that at all and gets up to leave, but Step-Father Miles taps his timestop watch and freezes her.

He poses her in the center of the room and starts to strip her of her habit. He unfreezes her and she fraks out, so he freezes her again.

He picks her up and carries her to the bed. He starts fondling her sexy body, then he sets her up on her knees and slides his cock into her frozen mouth.

He keeps fucking her mouth, slowly, then getting faster and faster as he gets closer and closer to orgasm.

He lays her down and slides his cock into her pussy and starts to fuck her, hard and fast until he cums inside of her frozen pussy

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