Robomeats – Clueless Lesbian – Alice Whyte

Max enters the dining room to show his lesbian roommate his new time stop app. She sits and her formfitting leotard and skinny jeans I know flipping through the pages of her favorite dykey spank rag. Max presses his finger to the screen freezing Alice in place. At first Max can’t believe that this is real, as he waves his hands about in front of her face to see if he can catch her flinching. To test the limits of his app, he begins to pose her limbs flexing them and straightening them for his entertainment. Pulling her up from her seat, in disbelief that he will finally have a chance with his lesbian roommate, he begins to undress her. He pulls down the neck line of her leotard with a slimy grin run across his face, as her breasts tumble out. Placing her hands on her tits, he removes her pants and bends her over to get peek at her perfect pink pussy. He stands her upright for a moment and getting excited, he puts his cock in the palm of her hand, working it between her digits before bending her back over and spreading her wide. He strips down and laying her out on the table sticks his cock inside her and begins to take the swings he never imagined he would get to. He fucks her vigorously as she lays silent on the table, he knows if she wasn’t frozen she would love this, but he’s happy to be getting away with it on the sly. Taking her down off the table, he pulls out the chair and bends her over it, taking her from behind. He tight pussy takes him all in as he comes closer and closer to bursting. He lets go inside her, his cock pulsing against the walls of her cunt. He withdraws and brings her back to standing, dressing her and rearranging her back to her previous position at the table. Unfreezing her, she assumes the wetness between her thighs is merely the flood inspired by her sexy magazine.

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