RoboMeats – The Art Dealer

STARRING: Shavelle Love

MaX’s parents just died in a fiery car wreck and bequeathed to him a modest collection of valuable works of art. He’s arranged for a trendy art dealer to visit his house and appraise the collection. As soon as MaX meets Shavelle, he is drawn to the sexy art dealer’s form and shape. While she is distracted with some of his impressionist pieces, MaX activates his timestop watch, freezing Shavelle in place.

MaX wastes no time getting his hands on Shavelle’s statuesque body. He gropes her ass over her sensible slacks and squeezes her tits through her lacy top. He occasionally unfreezes Shavelle to watch her confused reaction. He finally lifts off Shavelle’s top, revealing her full, perfectly shaped breasts. Rock hard now, he finishes stripping Shavelle and poses her on the couch.

MaX takes his time savoring the delicious flavor of Shavelle’s pretty pink pussy. When it’s sufficiently wet, he slides his hard, veiny cock in. Just the tip at first, slowly going deeper with each stroke. He savors each deep plunge into Shavelle’s hot cunt and poses her long legs in different ways, to explore different angles. Before he knows it, he’s on the cusp of exploding. MaX tilts his head back and moans as cums.

MaX slowly but somewhat sloppily redresses Shavelle. It’s always way more fun when he’s taking them off. When Shavelle is finally dressed, albeit slightly rumpled, he unfreezes her one last time. Without missing a beat, she goes right back into her spiel about the impressionist paintings. MaX chuckles to himself as they negotiate the sale amount, knowing he got away with it again!

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