Madison just got hired as Alisha’s secretary. Rock and Brock, two horny guys who work with them, start talking about how hot the duo is. Brock has a timestop watch that he saves for emergencies, and after Rock explains to him that there is no worse emergency than a hard cock, Brock agrees to use it to stop time so they can better welcome the new girl. After sneaking around the office a bit, they stop time and start to have some fun with their boss and her new secretary.

First they undress the girls while fondling their bodies, groping their breasts and licking their nipples. Next they move on to posing each girl on a desk and playing with their feet, licking and sucking them. This progresses into more licking and rubbing of the girl’s bodies, in particular their pussy’s.

Eventually the guys decided to get down to business and fuck the girls on and over their desks to till they cum inside them. When the guys are finished they then pose the girls together with 1 kneeling in front of the other with her face buried in the others pussy before releasing time. The girls are shocked and humiliated causing one of them to run away and the other to quickly dress again.

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