SeeHimFuck – Blake Blossom – Jack Rippher Returns

Jack Rippher makes his long-awaited return to See HIM Fuck today and we paired HIM and his monster 11-inch black cock up with fan favorite Blake Blossom for what turned out to be one helluva scene Instead of the usual male striptease, this time we had Blake lend HIM a hand, as she slowly undresses HIM all the way down to his See HIM underwear where we get to take another look at what Jack calls “1 Shy Of 12” Blake gives his armpits the old Sniff N Lick before getting HIM all slicked up with some sex lube  Jack takes a seat as Blake then removes his socks  so she can lick his feet from heel to toe Up next is Round 1 of ass eating as Jack bends over so Blake can get right in there and play the Rusty Trombone for us. Jack then lays back spread-eagle so Blake can munch away at his black balloon-knot. Jack stands up and we get to see Blake slobber all over his big black cock n balls. Jack goes down on her coed pussy for a bit until it’s time for Blake to see if she can take it all – and take it ALL she does! First sideways, then reverse-cowgirl, and then cowgirl until it’s time for Round 2 of ass eating where Blake lays down and Jack positions his asshole right over her face. We then see Jack flex as he bangs Blake in his favorite sex position: Doggystyle! Jack flips her over and hammer fucks Blake’s pussy until it’s time for HIM to unload his love onto her stomach As usual, we catch up with our big dick buddy in the shower Until Next Time: Stay Safe

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