Sinn Sage, Cherie DeVille – Dare: Pizza Girl Straps It On

Cherie DeVille is a cam girl in the middle of a show, when one of the fans asks her to order a pizza and then fuck the delivery guy on cam! At first she scoffs at this ridiculous notion, but then she agrees that she’ll do it if someone tips her 1000$ (not believing anyone actually will). Surprise! Someone actually does! Looks like she has to now! She picks up the phone and orders a large pizza for delivery, then waits for the doorbell to ring. When it does, Cherie gets butt naked, as promised to the fans watching, and runs to the door to answer it and see the dude she’ll be fucking. But as she opens the door. . .Surprise again! It’s a GIRL! I act very shocked to see a naked woman answering the door, and she quickly pulls me inside and explains what’s going on, and offers half of the money to me if i’ll put on her strap on and fuck her with it on cam! At first i’m shy as hell, and I can’t believe this is happening, but also, I can’t do something like this! But when Cherie mentions that 500$ it’s definitely hard for this delivery girl to say no to that. She pulls me into her room and on her bed and introduces me to the fans in her cam room. Then she suggests we start with me eating her pussy, making sure it’s nice and wet and ready for the cock she has me put on. I still can’t believe this is happening, but even aside from the money, she is hot as hell and i’m not the type of girl to turn down the opportunity to eat a gorgeous woman’s pussy! I start softly licking her clit and then tonguing her pussy deeply until she cums in my face. Fuck this is definitely turning me on now, and I stand up and pull her towards me so I can slide my cock inside her. This is new for me, so she instructs me on how to fuck her. She lets me know that it’s definitely feeling good, and this makes me start to fuck her harder. I pound away at her pussy in missionary for a while, enjoying the view of her gorgeous face and body and my dick banging her perfect pussy. But the fans want to see more positions, of course! So I take off my work shirt and put her on all fours, grabbing and squeezing her incredible booty as I fuck her hard from behind. After a while of that, I push her flat onto her tummy and continue to pump into her while her legs are closed tight. Finally, I lie on my back and get her to climb on top of my cock, and we take turns being in control of the situation from a cowgirl position. I love gripping her legs and thrusting up into her from below! And soon Cherie has another powerful orgasm! She collapses into my arms and we kiss. We hear noises coming from the fans in the cam show, which we had almost completely forgotten about! We laugh together as she sends me my share of the money, but I think i’ll have to come over and make some other, extra special deliveries to this house!

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