Stars Fetish Fantasies – Mesmerized Wife – Star Nine , Chrissy Marie

She’s come to my house, angry about her husband. Understandable, he is absolutely enthralled. The poor thing just wants to save her marriage.

I seduce her with my touch. At first she pushes me away, but soon her frown fades. She experiences the same sense of joy and calm as I stroke her chest as he did. Her will melts away. Dazed, she leans in for a kiss.

I refuse, explaining how I have a better way. I instruct her to strip & kneel before me before offering her the costume. It’s her choice – she does have free will in this instance.

She hesitates, then takes it. Dressed, she falls at my feet. I allow her to kiss them. Later I have her sign a contract giving me control of the rest of her assets . . . her husband already signed over most of them.

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