StarsFetishFantasies – Ashley Lane, Star Nine – Supergirl Entrapped And Drained

Supergirl rescues Star Nine from her Bondage, but Star Nine was Hypnotized by an Evil Villian and attacks the Supergirl. Both women have a short staged fight, using their superpowers and abilities on each other. Soon Ashley Lane gets overpowered by Star Nine and collapses on the ground. Supergirl wakes up naked, arms and legs strapped to a table. In the rest of the clip she gets Hypnotized by Star Nine and put through a training program, which involes her getting fingered to an Orgasm. Clip fades out with Supergirl being completely hypnotized and obedient, fingering herself. Clip contains nudity and hypnotization, naked dancing, obedience, fingering but not other sex scenes.

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