Taboo-Fantasy Studio - Ariel's Family Album - 4 video compilation


Ariel takes it from her booger-head little Brother….AND her Dad!!! Ariel’s Family is one fucked up bunch!!! Included in Ariel’s Family Album are full versions of : “Deflower Your Little Brother” “Spying On My Big Sister” “Daddy’s Revenge” & “Big Sister Blackmailed”.

“Deflowering Your Little Brother”::

Josh is at that awkward age for boys. He is masturbating constantly….and totally obsessed with sex and girls. Josh, however….is still a Virgin. Dad has had enough of Josh spending too much time in the shower….and in his bedroom….so Dad takes measures to solve the problem. Dad takes Josh into his big Sister’s bedroom….and Dad asks Ariel for an “odd” favour. Dad asks Big Sister Ariel if she will Deflower her little Brother!!! Ariel is grossed out at first…but Dad offers to increase her allowance….and get her a new iPhone…so Ariel agrees to take her Brother’s Virginity. After asking Dad to leave, Ariel tells Josh to take his pants off, and she starts to suck his cock. “How does it feel to have your cock inside a girl’s mouth?…even if it’s your Sister” she asks him. When Josh seems ready…big Sister Ariel mounts him and inserts his cock into her Cunt…..forever taking the little booger-head’s virginity!! Ariel rides his erect penis….then lets him have a turn on top of her….before he pulls out and sprays her with his semen. The little bugger then has the audacity to ask her “now that I know how to do it….do you have any friends that will let me do it to them?”.

“Daddy’s Revenge”::

Dad is very protective of his Daughter Ariel. She has been seeing a no good thug…..with green hair….and no job. Dad has warned Ariel to stay away from this boy….but as with all girls her age….Ariel doesn’t listen to Daddy…and sees the boy behind Dad’s back. Dad catches them kissing in the Living Room…and throws the boy out of the house….Forbidding Ariel to ever see him again. Dad thinks that will do the trick….but when Dad catches the boy back….late at night….in Ariel’s bedroom….with his pants off, and his cock in Ariel’s Hand….Dad loses it!!! He screams at both of them….kicks the boy out…and tells Ariel that if she needs cock so bad…..he is going to force her to take his cock!!! Dad shoves his cock into his disobedient Daughter’s mouth, and makes her suck it. Next, Daddy mounts his hormone infused Daughter, and gives her a good Pounding! Dad finishes off by ejaculating inside Ariel’s mouth….and warns her….that in the future if she displays poor judgment in search of sex……that he will force her to take it from him again!!

“Big Sister Blackmailed”::

Ariel has been told over and over again by her Father NOT to have this bad boy, Jack come to the house. In fact….last time Dad caught Jack in the house with Ariel….not only did Dad kick Jack out….Dad Fucked Ariel to punish her for having that boy in the house!!! You would think that Ariel would have learned her lesson after that ordeal….but apparently not!!! With Dad away for the weekend on a fishing trip…..Ariel figured it was safe to have Jack back to the house, and have sex with him. After all….Dad was far away for the whole weekend…..what could go wrong??? As Ariel and Jack start to make out on the living room sofa…..annoying baby Brother Josh catches them!!! Josh threatens to call Dad if Jack doesn’t leave right away….and makes a big scene. Jack figures the jig is up…and he grabs his coat and takes off. Josh isn’t done yet, however. Josh tells Ariel that he will tell on her…..if she doesn’t let HIM have a go at her!!!! Ariel is repulsed by her Booger-Head Baby Brother….and the thought of him climbing all over her…and sticking his weenie inside her makes her sick….but she knows that if Dad gets wind of her bringing Jack back, after being told not to……she will be in really big trouble….so she gives in to the little goofball’s Blackmail…and allows him to Violate her!!! Baby Brother Josh really goes to town on his sexy older Sister, and gives her a good hard Fucking. After Fucking her….Josh requests that Ariel Beat him Off….and Ariel jerks her little Brother’s cock until he explodes!!! Little Brothers can be so annoying…..

“Spying On My Big Sister”::

Ariel is fresh out of the Shower, and brushing her hair in her bedroom, and she is being Spied on by her Booger-head little Brother!!! Baby Brother Josh is furiously Jerking-Off to his big breasted Sister from the hallway outside her room. Ariel catches him in the act…and screams at him. Josh confesses that he has a “thing” for his big Sister…and begs her to let him “do stuff” to her. Ariel scolds him for being a disgusting pervert, but Josh keeps begging to have one poke at her….and then he promises to forever leave her alone. Ariel makes him pinky swear that if she lets him have sex with her this once…that he will get his own girlfriend and leave her alone. Being quiet, so that Mom and Dad don’t hear….Josh takes a poke at his big Sister!!! Josh fucks Ariel until he unloads all over her.

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