[iwantclips]Princess Fierce Happy Wanksgiving

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Princess Fierce wants you to celebrate Wanksgiving with her. And only her. She will command that you spend the day stroking to her, jerking your dick fast and hard just like she does to her dildo. Worshiping he...

Mind Under Master – Lily Rader – Maps

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Lily is mind controlled with a phone to follow our hero back to his place where she begs to suck his cock, which she does until she takes his seed.

Worship Goddes Jasmine – Click and HIT your bottle of P.0.p.p.3.r.s

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Get ready for one hell of a mind fucking ride. First I want you to sit back and relax and let me put you under my [email protected] Get yourself ready to listen to my mesmerizing voice as I tell you to take a deep inh...

The Nina-Bot 2000

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(first minute or so) You are coming in for a therapy session with me but end up getting by me and calling me Master from then on. I then begin easily commanding you to say dirty things such as: "I deservea l...

Goddess Saffron – Hypnosub – You Love Me

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This hypnosub session contains 20 minutes of mind conditioning and control programming. I manipulate you to fall in love with me. I deepen your love for me and increase your addiction. I send you into a deep tranc...

Kimberly Kane – Gold Diggers KLLER Blowjob

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Kimberly is a sophisticated, charming Femme Fatale who has just married a wealthy man. His high priced attorney insisted on an airtight pre-nup and now he’s recommending her husband puts all his assets into trust ...

Queen Amber Mae – It Makes Sense

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In all My other h 1 p n 0 s i s videos I slowly guide you into subspace, leaving room for complete relaxation and mind conditioning. In this session however, I will draw you in so fast you won't even know when it ...

Xev Bellringer – The Witch’s Possession

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How could your friends think it was funny to trick you and your sister into staying at this old cabin on Halloween during a terrible storm. Alone. The two of you had no choice but to stay there for the night, a ...

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Higher and Higher Trance

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I don't usually mix alcohol/mind-altering substances with my entrancement training, but I've decided to incorporate them into this one. I want you to be incredibly relaxed and barriers dropped by the time I be...

Kendra Kennedy – The Jewel Thief Returns

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Oh good. You've had time to re-stock all of your expensive items after you were "robbed" last month. I mean... That's what you told the police and your insurance company, right? You definitely didn't t...