Violet Doll – Hacked

You’ve lost control. I’m in your head. I located your vulnerability, and I hacked your mind.

Your existence will be erased. A clean slate. You’re being rewritten, and there is no escape.

You feel Me pushing and pulling, rewiring your brain. Programming you to suit My desires.

You work for Me now. You are My machine. My perfect slave. – Violet Doll

“You’ve lost control, I’m in your head, I located your vulnerabilities, and I hacked your mind. Your existence will be erased, a clean slate.”

“Your weakness completly exposed, so easily exploited, but don’t worry, you never have to worry about anything or anyone else again.”

“I’ve stepped in to bring you the change you’ve been craving, taking you and rebuilding you to my standard.”

If you’re a fan of Violet Doll then you know what you’re in for. One of the most sensual and breathtaking Hypno Dommes tease you with her body and beautiful face for twenty minutes. In the background you’ll hear soft whispers throughout the video. Violet Doll is known for her great visuals, this time she’s outdone herself. Violet Doll continues to be one of the top innovators within Femdom POV.
The subliminal messages / soft whispers you hear throughout the video include short yet powerful phrases assuring you that this is what you want and that you can’t escape even if you wanted to.

She shows off her cleavage, but covers her tits with her hands, and bends over to show her ass in fishnet pantyhose.

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