I’m house sitting for your mom over the weekend… and oh, boy, the look on your face when you came home from college and saw your aunt running around the house! Not my fault that my sister didn’t tell you she asked me to come stay with you. That’s your own problem. So is your apparent aversion to women. FRIGHTENED by my blatant nudity?? Well, that’s your own issue. But you’re a puzzle, nephew, and I do love a good challenge…

I see you’re gonna make me try to figure out what your deal is… what you’re really into… why you’re so afraid of me and… the wonderfully bountiful chest I couldn’t hide if I tried.

And if I can’t get you to PLAY while we’re watching TV tonight, well, I’m sure as hell gonna get you to finally give in when I crawl into bed with you later on….

Tempts your tastes for aunt, Barefoot, Big Breasts, bra & panties, Bra Fetish, Cleavage, cuddling, Dirty Talk, Feet, Jeans, Moaning, mutual orgasm, Nipples, Nude, Older Woman, Orgasms, Soles, Taboo, Tease, Toe Wiggling, Virtual Handjob, Virtual Kissing, Virtual Sex

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  • Believeland8 11 months ago

    More Tara please! There’s a video of her as a witch (bewitched fantasies or something like that) that I really enjoyed but can no longer find.