Sonic Eagle has been robbing banks and running roughshod over the citizens of Tropic City. Never fear, Supergirl is on the case. She tracks him to his lair, and seemingly has the upper hand. But Sonic Eagle is able to weaken her with his disruptor weapons. Once of them powered by Kryptonite. He is then able to take her completely down with a special rag. Supergirl is rudely awoken and quickly she finds herself tied with hands over head. Sonic Eagle informs her that he will train her to be his sex slave and promptly begins fondling her super body. Mostly tits and ass,with a little pussy rubbing over the panties. Supergirl is very defiant, but Sonic Eagle just laughs and has his fun. When he is done, part of the training is the rag. So he pulls it out again and takes her down. Sonic Eagle wakes her again in the same position and again strings her up. This time, he takes the opportunity to spank her ass. Then, flogs it. And finally uses a riding crop. He makes her ass bright red. And when he is done. You guessed it. The rag is bag. Next, he wakes her up and orders her to strip and give him a lapdance. She is quite groggy, but she does grudgingly comply. Sonic Eagle is enjoying his dance so much that he doesn’t realize it when Supergirl steals his . A brief battle ensues with both getting taken down. Supergirl awakens, only to have Sonic Eagle take her down with a rag again. She awakens tied spread eagle to the bed. Sonic Eagle pulls out a dildo and begins fucking her with it. After a while, he brings in the big ….a Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator. Supergirl can’t hold back and her body shakes with orgasm. At this point, she is defeated and admits that Sonic Eagle is her master. It’s then time for Sonic Eagle to have her way with Supergirl. He fucks her in a few different positions until he shoots his villain load into her.

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