UNCHAINED PERVERSIONS SEX AND SUB – Hynoinduced self smother

SARAH went to the mentalist, for a mesmerizing regressive cognition session… she had some noctambulism this last week and she really would like to find out the reason of her disturb.
However Sarah found the wrong person to trust… The mentalist is just a sadistic and pitiless man that wanna exercise his mind control above human cavies.
Ten, nine….. one… zero… and Sarah is in his power. When he snaps his fingers once, Sarah couldn’t breath, when he snaps twice, she could breath again. He would like to knows how far could push some human will. If Sarah will be an obedient subject, she will pass away. If she will be a rebel will, she will survive…
It is lovely to see Sarah gasp like a fish out of water, admiring her perfect naked body and sculpted abs shrink for the oxygen lack…

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