Vanessa Cage - Can I Sleep with You Daddy - JerkyWives

Vanessa’s father is taking an afternoon nap on a warm day. She’s tired too, so she gets onto his bed and lays with him as he sleeps. With a naughty bit of pleasure she wiggles her behind into him. Daddy what’s that Vanessa says turning over and touching his now hard cock. Do you maybe want me to do something with it? she asks nervously. She touches him with her feet, teasing him in his half asleep state.She pulls down his underwear and slides her feet along him. It’s not wrong if she only uses her feet on her daddy. That feels good doesn’t it. She giggles. Vanessa takes off her clothes and oils her cute feet. She keeps teasing him, rubbing him slowly and playing with her daddy’s cock. He can’t take it anymore and jerks his big load all over her feet and chest. Vanessa tastes his cum with a satisfied smile and goes to clean up before mom comes back home.

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