Violet Thompson’s Family Album 2 – Brother asks sister for sexual favors to do chores & homeworks for her

Her Twin Step-Sister had a Family Album…and now Violet has her second one!!! Behind closed doors….without the rest of the Family knowing….young Violet has been having torrid sexual affairs…with her Step-Brother and her Step-Dad!!! Violet takes it in her tight young cunt over and over again from their huge cocks!! Included in this semen soaked Family Album are full versions of : “My Step-Sister’s Dirty Panties” “My Step-Brother Is A Premature Ejaculator” “Doing My Step-Sister’s Chores” & “Helping My Step-Sister With Her Homework Episode 2”.

Doing My Step-Sister’s Chores

DOING MY SISTERS CHORES TABOO Warning!! What you are about to watch is.. STRICTLY TABOO HOW DOES A SISTER CONVINCE HER BROTHER TO DO HER CHORES FOR HER? SHE TAKES HER CLOTHES OFF!!! EASY! ….LIKE TAKING CANDY FROM A BABY!!! Violet wants to go to the Mall with her friends…but she can’t leave until all her chores are done. Since her annoying, boogerhead Brother isn’t doing anything, except watching TV…Violet asks if he will do her a big favor, and finish up her chores for her. He, of course, tells his bratty Sister to fuck off. Violet has an idea. She takes her clothes off…and resumes doing her chores….naked!!! Jason can’t believe what he is seeing!! Suddenly….Jason is willing to negotiate!! Violet makes him an off he can’t refuse (literally)!! Violet says she will have sex with him….if he will finish her chores for her. Sister or not…..Jason is at that age where his hormones are out of control…and his Sister Violet is smoking hot….so he agrees!! Violet lets her disgusting Brother defile her…..and then she is off to join her friends at the Mall, while Jason cleans the house!

Helping My Step-Sister With Her Homework Episode 2

JASON WILL HELP HIS SISTER WITH HER HOMEWORK UNDER ONE CONDITION..SHE HAS TO LET HIM FUCK HER!! BUT AFTER HE SCREWS HIS SISTER….THERE IS A SURPRISE ENDING!!!! Violet is having real trouble with her Math homework. She is concerned that if she doesn’t pass this upcoming test…she will have to go to summer school. Knowing that her Brother Jason got an A in Math….she begs him for help with her homework. Jason isn’t really interested in helping his bratty Sister…so Violet resorts to desperate measures. “If you help me with my homework….I’ll let you fuck me” she tells him. Jason agrees to the deal. violet might be his Sister…but, what the heck….she is also SMOKING hot!! Jason insists that they fuck first…and then study….just in case Violet gets cold feet after he helps her study. Jason fucks the stuffing out of his scholastically challenged Sister….but when she wants to study after….he has a surprise for her!!! “Hey Violet…I have to tell you something. I got that Asian student to do all my homework for me…I really don’t know anything about Math”. Violet freaks out!!! “Are you saying you’re just as stupid as I am???!!!”. Jason, with a sly look on his face says “I guess it runs in the Family…..”.

My Step-Brother Is A Premature Ejaculator

VIOLET TALKS HER BROTHER INTO HAVING SEX WITH HER… BUT WHEN SHE SUCKS HIS COCK… HE CUMS IN LESS THAN 30 SECONDS!!! IN HER MOUTH!!! As you may know….Violet has had sex with several Family members!! She recently has discovered a website called “The Sister Experience”…which claims that the best sex ever….is between a Brother and his own Sister. Violet shares the website with her Brother Johnny. Violet confesses to Johnny that she has had sex with….Uncle Jack….with Dad….of course, with her Twin Sister Sandy….and even Grandpa!!! Violet, however, wants to experience sex with her Brother…so she asks Johnny to participate. Johnny (after getting over the shock of Grandpa screwing Violet)….agrees to oblige her. The problem is…after a long process of talking him into it…it turns out…Johnny is a big time Premature Ejaculator!! Johnny can’t even last 30 seconds when Violet starts sucking his cock…and Prematurely cums in her mouth!! She never even got to fuck him!!! Oh well. Violet has had her eye on Cousin Jeffrey….and she is hoping he won’t be such a loser….so she goes on line to see if there is a site for “The Cousin Experience”!!

My Step-Sister’s Dirty Panties

WHEN JASON IS CAUGHT IN THE ACT… SMELLING HIS SISTER’S DIRTY PANTIES… SHE BLACKMAILS HIM INTO SEX FOR MONEY… OR ELSE SHE WILL TELL MOM!!! Jason sneaks into his Sister’s bedroom when she isn’t home. His mission is… find her Dirty Panties!!! After some snooping, he finds them…tucked under her pillow. Jason begins to smell the soiled garment….and doing so excites him so much….he pulls his pants down, and starts jacking-off while sniffing the Panties. Unfortunately for him…his Sister Violet returns home unexpectedly soon….and catches him in the act!! Violet is revolted and disgusted by the site of her Brother yanking his cock, while smelling her filthy Panties….so she decides to turn this into an opportunity!! Violet offers to give him the real thing….her pussy….for MONEY….or else, she will tell Mom what he did. Not wanting to face the embarrassment and humiliation of having Mom find out….Jason agrees to pay his enterprising Sister. Violet starts to suck Jason’s cock…but she shoves the Panties in his face, and makes him smell them while she sucks! Jason gives his Sister a good fuck…and then she orders him to get the fuck out of her room!! What’s next? Her stinky socks??? Who knows…..

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