WCA Productions – Sheena Ryder – Spending Christmas With Friends Hot Mom

My parents were going to be out of town so i was spending Christmas with my friend Jason and his family up at there winter cabin. i arrived late and when i got to the cabin i found Jason’s step-mom Sheena sitting on the couch sipping coco. we talked for a few minutes and the she told me that Jason and his step-dad went into town to watch a football game at the local sports bar. i told her that i would go into town and join them. she warned me to be careful because a winter storm was rolling in, i told her i would and left. the storm hit hard and i didn’t even make it half way to town before i had to turned back. when i got back to the cabin i found Sheena sitting on the couch sipping and looking really nervous. she told me she was so scarred that something happened to me, she told me that her husband and step-son were stating at a hotel for the night so it would just be me and her for Christmas. she was really upset so offered her a hug. i dont know what came over me but Sheena i super hot and her hugging me turned me on and soon she was pressing her body into my boner. i think it was the that caused her to not realize my dick was hard. when she did she pulled back and i told her that i was sorry, it was awkward but we both said goodnight and i went to bed. i guess she kept on the but the next morning when i opened my eyes what i saw shocked me. Sheena was wearing a red bra and panties set plus a Santa hat while she was sucking my cock! after a little while she told me the storm was still hitting and her husband and step-son wouldn’t be home today. she took me out the the living room and let me fuck her underneath the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

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