Wenona – Mother Son Wrestle and Fuck

Scene One: Taunting to fuck

Wenona and her step-son Alex are watching wrestling after their morning work out. “I think we could do some of those moves” Wenona says, telling her step-son to get up. Alex isn’t too sure but it could be fun. “We should do it naked” Wenona suggests “Come on take your clothes off, it will be easier” she tells him. Alex watches as his step-mom strips naked in front of him. “You look a little distracted” she laughs at her step-son as he stares at her body.

Naked they begin to grapple with each other. Confused, nervous and excited, Alex doesn’t want to fight hard against his step-mom and is taken down to the ground by her. She pins him to the ground, her legs spread on top of him. His cock gets hard from her hot body pressing close to him. “Is that all you got step-son, you wimp” she teases him laughing. He pushes her to the ground and she wraps her legs around him in a scissor lock. He can’t get away from her, and the excitement to much. He starts thrusting against her. “OH MY GOD!” she screams “Are you trying to fuck your step-mother!” His cock pushes inside her and she moans. “Oh step-son!” she’s unable to stop him from fucking her. “I thought you were a virgin” she tells him as he fucks her with his strong arms and thrusts. “Oh fuck, oh step-son”

Scene Two: Be careful who you wrestle

“Oh come on, you fuck like a girl, come on fuck your step-mom harder” she teases him. With a slap to her ass he throws her to the couch and fucks her even harder than before. If his step-mom wants it rough Alex will give it too her, the fucking cock tease and fucks her ruthlessly. She runs away from him letting him catch her and push her up against the wall. Lifting her up he fucks his step-mom, making her bounce and moan.

“Is that all you got?” she asks when he lets her down. “that’s enough step-mom” he says getting control over himself. She jumps on top of him. He wrestles her to the ground putting her into a head lock and starts humping her ass. She screams and chokes as her step-son pushes the air from her lungs. He humps her faster and faster until he’s at the edge of cumming. His dazed step-mom has no choice but to let her step-son his cock into her mouth as he cums. “You just came in my mouth!” she says with a disgusted face as she’s to swallow his load. Catching her breath she tells him with a smile “I kind of liked it”

They go back to watching wrestling holding onto each others sweaty bodies. “I love you step-mom”

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