Xev Bellringer – Babysitters CockSucking Trance

Your babysitter is so hot! The problem is she doesn’t consider you a man yet, just the same little boy she’s watched for years. It’s nothing that can’t be fixed though, you’ve been learning all about entrancement methods! That’s right, once she falls under your spell, she won’t be able to resist… she’ll be all yours. Everything you’ve ever wanted. While practicing magic technique, your babysitter comes into the room. She admits stumbling upon your browsing history… and tells you that sexual deviancy like ‘blow jobs’ are not things that normal women will ever do, that it’s best you stick to plain sex. You can’t believe it, your babysitter thinks that sucking cock is a bad thing! She needs to be corrected… Now is the perfect time to put your mesmerizing knowledge to the test – you suggest she play along with a ‘magic trick.’ Your babysitter, of course, is skeptical of your abilities so continues with this supposed harmless activity. The pocket watch begins swinging back and forth, her face slowly goes slack, and she falls into a deep trance. It worked! You ask her a few questions about her sexual history to test the effectiveness of the entrancement. Your babysitter answers without hesitation, perfect! You command her to call you master… and to take off her clothes. She does so obediently. Her curvy, smooth body is exposed right in front of you. Those tight little panties and matching bra are enough to set you off… there’s no way you can wait anymore. You command her to not only be receptive to sucking your hard cock, but to become sexually aroused doing so. She begins to rub her panty covered pussy in anticipation. Finally seeing her soft lips enclosed around your shaft is bliss. The babysitter you’ve always fantasized about is finally giving you head! Even more satisfyingly, she’s enjoying it… and she will love swallowing your cum even more

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