Xev Bellringer – Big Booty Bimbo Covered In Cum (30 August 2019)

You were so disappointed. The whole reason you requested a tutor was to fuck the sluttiest girl in school, Becky. She was always ready to suck a cock, and your cock needed a good sucking.

But instead, Xev showed up. The uptight, conservative tutor. Just your luck… there was NO way she’d ever consider draining your big balls, even though she definitely had the body for it. You could tell she was hiding a huge rack under that turtleneck sweater. What a waste. Unless…

You offered her one of your very special cups of tea before the lesson. You knew this was the perfect opportunity, the perfect girl to use this potion on. As soon as she took a sip, you were ready to have some fun with her. You didn’t let her begin the study, instead you let her squirm under your barrage of questions. Did she have a boyfriend? Has she sucked cock? Well, if not a blow job, then at least a titjob with boobs that big.

With each question, Xev became more and more indignant. But she couldn’t stop drinking the tea. Perfect. Soon enough she wouldn’t be able to STOP talking about how much she liked sucking cock. You’d make her into the ultimate, airhead slut you’ve always wanted. And before you knew it WOOSH!

There she was, right in front of you. A dumb, hot little bimbo. So curvy, so fuckable, so gullible. It didn’t matter that she couldn’t remember how she got there. All the ditz could think about was showing off her big fat ass. Bouncing it, spanking it, teasing your cock with it. You enjoyed your new little fuckslut bimbo… until your balls were completely drained all over her slutty body.

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